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At Greystar, we are committed to providing a holistic benefits and compensation package that rewards our talented workforce and supports personal and professional growth.

We believe in taking care of our team members

and ensuring your well-being both in and out of the workplace.

From achieving a healthy work-life balance to encouraging professional development and ensuring financial stability, Greystar offers a wide range of benefits to support you.

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We value the health and well-being of our team members and provide comprehensive and competitive medical coverage to all employees globally. In the US, this includes free medical coverage for eligible employees, a nationwide network of doctors, facilities, and pharmacies, in-network preventative care covered at 100%, and 24/7 access to medical care with virtual visits. We also offer flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and wellness programs to promote a healthy work-life balance. In addition, team members can access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) around the clock for confidential mental health and coaching support at no cost.

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Family Planning

We are dedicated to supporting our team members in all stages of life, including family planning, and offer a wide range of benefits and resources. For primary caregivers in the US, we provide 16 weeks of paid parental leave for corporate team members and 8 weeks of paid leave for onsite team members. In addition, both corporate and onsite secondary caregivers can take advantage of 6 weeks of paid leave. We also provide family-building support, offering up to $10,000 in lifetime reimbursement for fertility treatment, related medications, elective fertility preservation, adoption, and surrogacy.

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Time Off/Leave

Your life is more than your career, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to your success at Greystar. Our generous paid time off (PTO) policy provides you with the flexibility to take vacations, personal days, and sick days as needed, and we offer paid holidays for you to celebrate and spend time with loved ones. Additionally, all team members globally are eligible for a six-week paid sabbatical at ten years of continuous service and every five years thereafter.

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Competitive Compensation

Attracting and retaining top talent is a priority for us, and we believe in fair and competitive compensation for team members at all levels across the globe. To ensure our compensation decisions are well-informed, we adhere to a pay-for-performance model driven by data, considering company performance, individual contributions, market data, and internal equity. By aligning our compensation decisions with these vital factors, we aim to foster a culture that values and supports the continued professional growth and well-being of our team members.

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We offer reliable and comprehensive retirement benefits across all regions. Our 401(k) plan in the US allows you to contribute a portion of your salary toward your retirement fund, and we provide a generous employer match to help you build a strong financial foundation for the future.

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Professional Development

At Greystar, we value your continuous learning and personal growth. We offer a range of learning and development tools, courses, and programs aimed at helping you enhance your skills to reach your full potential and advance professionally.

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Housing Benefits

Our corporate team members in the US may take advantage of no upfront application fees, admin fees, or security deposits at eligible Greystar-owned/managed communities. In addition to this benefit, our US property management onsite team members can avail of a 40% discount if they live and work at the same Greystar-owned/managed community and a 20% discount if they live and work at different Greystar-owned/managed communities. We also offer special pricing to our team members for guest suites at various Greystar-managed communities across the US. Some restrictions may apply.

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Employee Perks

In addition to our core benefits, we offer a range of additional perks to make your experience at Greystar even more enjoyable. Other benefits include Greystar Giving, employee discounts, flexible work arrangements, cell phone bill reimbursement, and more.

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The parental leave extension was a game-changer. It allowed me to take the time I needed while adjusting to new motherhood. I was able to spread it out to fit our needs, which made coming back to work a supportive breeze. With Greystar’s continued advancement in this area, I’m excited to see the further addition of fertility, adoption, and surrogacy benefits which will open much-needed avenues for many.

Tashina Johnson Performance Strategy
headshot of tashina johnson


I've been with Greystar for a little over one year and immediately found an environment filled with highly skilled professionals. This environment pushes me to be my very best, helping me grow professionally and personally, especially by being surrounded by such an amazing group of people. They have taught me, trained me, and definitely pushed my growth beyond my expectations.

Juan Pablo Castro Property Management
headshot of Juan Pablo Castro


One new benefit offered is a sabbatical period earned based on years of service. As an employee who is earning this time this year, it is hard to articulate the pride I feel working for an organization that is telling me thank you in a way that will allow for intentional time for me. As a mom of small children, knowing that I get to spend an extended period being present with them and their dad is time I will never be able to thank Greystar enough for. These memories will last with me, and knowing I was told “you deserve this” by my employer is unmatched.

Kristen Gibson Real Estate Operations
headshot of kristen gibson


It has been a such wonderful opportunity to work at Greystar! Since my start, the optimal work environment and tools provided have been so beneficial to my professional development. The team welcomed me with open arms and made it easy to settle into my new position. I know with confidence that I will continue to grow, and I look forward to my and my family's future with Greystar.

Ramon Gonzalez Groundskeeper
headshot of ramon gonzalez


Greystar's robust professional development program has been a catalyst for my career growth. The myriad of opportunities they provide for learning and development, including workshops, certifications, and leadership training, have been instrumental in honing my skills and broadening my perspectives.

Henry Emuwawon Digital Marketing
 headshot of Henry Emuwawon


Greystar consistently goes above and beyond for their employees, and this commitment shines through the benefits they offer. These perks have been instrumental in helping me build confidence as a young professional starting out in the workforce. Working for a company that genuinely values and cares for the needs of all team members has been a pivotal part of my journey so far.

Emma McQueen Senior Lifestyle Coordinator
headshot of Emma McQueen


In addition to offering enhanced time-off benefits and reduced healthcare costs, Greystar demonstrates genuine care for team members by providing comprehensive coverage for in-network therapy. As an advocate for accessible therapeutic treatment for everyone, the fact that therapy is fully covered is truly a blessing. Greystar consistently emphasizes a healthy and safe work environment for all levels, and having options like therapy available at no additional cost continues to exemplify this mission.

Jason Ringle Development Accounting
Jason Ringle


Greystar offers top-notch benefits and embraces flexibility with your time off. Life sometimes throws us a curve ball, and Greystar provides programs to make sure you can get back on track with life by providing affordable healthcare options, ample vacation time, sick time, and free mental health care. Greystar gives us the opportunity to heal, rest, and relax.

Jennifer Mason Community Manager
Jennifer Mason


I have been with Greystar for over four years, and in that time, my family has grown. Greystar offers benefits and a culture that prioritizes your family. My paternity leave experiences following the births of my son and daughter are filled with so many memories as I was able to spend those weeks focused on the first milestones of my children’s growth and development. From helping my wife recover to learning the many lessons of fatherhood, Greystar’s paternity leave was integral.

Bruce Blackwood Investor Relations
headshot of bruce blackwood

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